SHIMRAH Pedestrian Street

Hex - Tarh Va Afarinseh Architectural Proof V1

Although large roofed shopping centers with diverse brands and chain food outlets seem fabulous and attract many people, statistics on the number of people visiting traditional markets in different cities, some of which are as old as hundred years, is indicative of the fact that such places have remained fairly popular merging into the cultures and lifestyles.

On the ground of this fact, and given that prevailing brands, chain restaurants, and technology are inseparable aspects of the modern life, especially for the youth, the idea of “SHIMRAH” was developed with three major concerns as of pedestrians, environment, and enhanced social interactions.

In “SHIMRAH” we are seeking to merge the modern technology into the feelings that have been lost for a long while in our everyday lives; “the chance of smelling a red rose that grows in our planet”, and we pass it carelessly by over and over; a chance of returning to the nature, sharing the elderly’s experiences with the youth, prolonging the intergeneration communication, preparing the ground for the people to involve their small and medium assets in the economic activities besides the big chains, and finally a chance to live a better life in the urban areas and enhance the quality of life.

The concept is exhibited in Innovation Zone of UK Construction Week 2019 (8-10 October 2019, NEC, Birmingham, UK) at Stand IZ52.

SHIMRAH Is Not an Innovation: It Employs Hundreds of Various Innovations to Enhance Quality of Life

SHIMRAH: Not Only a Walkway; It Is Rather a New Way of Social Life

SHIMRAH: Say Hi to the Nature

SHIMRAH: Respect the Human, the Family, the Society

SHIMRAH: Intergeneration Communication

SHIMRAH: Enhanced Life Quality

SHIMRAH: Enhanced Family Ties

SHIMRAH: Focus on Constructive Role of the Aged Population in Family and Society

SHIMRAH: Enhanced Social Interactions

SHIMRAH: Contributing to the Middle Class Economy and Utilizing the Small Assets

SHIMRAH: A New Way of Living

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