Design Review

Our design is driven by the belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct effect on the quality of our lives. We believe that design in that sense shall embrace all aspects, ranging from the functional performance of a building to a concern for its physical and cultural context, as well as its aesthetics properties. With over 15 years of cumulative knowledge from various national and international projects, we provide context-specific and cost-effective design to our clients.



Recognition letter by "Safaiyeh Yazd Co." for Safaiyeh Hotel project

Recognition letter by "Safaiyeh Yazd Co.", the hotel operator, for Safaiyeh Hotel project


Letter of Appreciation by "Yazd Road and Urban Development organization" for Safaiyeh Hotel Project

Recognition letter by "Yazd Road and Urban Development organization", the government organisation responsible for urban development in Yazd province, for Safaiyeh Hotel project