TARH & AFARINESH Architectural & Engineering Consultants

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Our design is driven by the belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct effect on the quality of our lives. We believe that design in that sense shall embrace all aspects, ranging from the functional performance of a building to a concern for its physical and cultural context, as well as its aesthetics properties. With over 15 years of cumulative knowledge from various national and international projects, we provide context-specific and cost-effective design to our clients.

EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction)

We deliver integrated engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions in which we focus all of our efforts on the final delivery of our customers’ projects. We have the experience and the know-how to make it work, enabling us to meet our clients business needs and to deliver high value facilities.

Feasibility Studies

We have considerable experience in undertaking feasibility studies for a variety of clients. Our conceptual and feasibility studies provide our clients with information to make informed decisions about scale, scope and viability of their projects. By engaging with our clients to understand what is to be achieved, we identify the best available options and their associated risks. Combining different expertise areas, our work enables clients to make informed decisions about the projected success of a project from a technical, economic, legal and environmental perspective.

Master Planning

We have a distinguished record of producing comprehensive plans and project designs that are effective and persuasive in achieving the client’s vision, while allowing flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions, needs, and regulations. We transform client’s vision to a master plan by thoroughly researching specific environmental, geographical and cultural conditions.

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Increasing the quality of life

Our mission is to help increasing the quality of life, healthcare, travel and work, in Iran and other countries through enhancing quality of residential complexes, hospitals, hospitality infrastructures, and work spaces which we build, and use of cutting-edge design techniques and building materials.

Leadership of IRAN’s design & construction

Our vision is to be a leader in Iran’s design and construction market in terms of turnover and profitability be among the very first choices of our clients;  have an international reputation among the top 500 companies active in design and construction of tourism complexes. Client satisfaction is our main concern and we believe that our real benefit is made when clients choose to have more than one project with us.

Awards & recommendations

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Executive team

Mohammad Nemati Co-Founder / Chairman / CEO

Graduated in civil engineering he started working is various sections of construction industry in 1985 as project manger, executive manager, general manager, etc. He founded “Tarh va Afarinesh” architectural and engineering consultants company in 1998. He has a proven track record of successful leadership which has led to the company’s growth in a short time. Keeping the design concept and details of the design during the construction phase has led to successful design and build projects executed by the company.

Shiva Aghababaei Co-founder / Member of the Board / COO / Architect

She graduated as a master of architecture in 2000 from Art University (Pardis Isfahan). She started her career in 1994 during her studies in consultant engineering companies until 1998, when she co-founded “Tarh va Afarinesh” with Mr. Mohammad Nemati. Her idea about architecture is a combination of love, perfection and creativity to her, which has been the inspiration for the company’s name, which is translated to “design and creation”.