Tarh Va Afarinesh, officially known as Tarh Va Afarinesh Omran, Architectural and Engineering Consultants Company, is an award-winning industry leader with 25 years of experience in design and construction of large scale building projects. Since its establishment in 1998, Tarh Va Afarinesh has transformed to a qualified consultant and contractor with multidisciplinary architectural and engineering teams offering all technical and engineering services, including architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, interior design, and feasibility studies under the same roof.

All technical staff of Tarh Va Afarinesh, including nearly 50 architects, engineers, graphic designers, and interior designers are familiar with the latest international standards and state-of-art solutions, and give utmost care and sincerity to create value for clients and stakeholders.

The outcome of 25 years of foremost concern for excellence of design and construction practices has been development of iconic projects such as Kandovan Rock Hotel in East Azerbaijan Province – Iran, nominated as a national heritage in 2014 and honored by the judging panel of 2A Architecture Awards 2015 (Istanbul), Safaieh Hotel in Yazd Province – Iran, awarded as the best building project of the province in 2011, and the award winning Ibis-Novotel Cluster Hotel (500 rooms) in IKIA, the first Iranian airport hotel, and the first Iranian hotel operated by an international hospitality group (Accor Hotels) since in the past 4 decades, and winner of significant international awards such as SBID International Design Award, A’Design Award, International Hotel and Property awards, etc.  

Our Mission

It is our mission at Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural and Engineering Consultants to enhance the quality of life by creating spaces, where the the people experience the sense of comfort through our responsible practice of Architecture. We are committed to provide creative, efficient and sustainable solutions through exceptional client service, and excellence in architectural design and ethics in practice. We bring dynamic design teams together to develop exceptional projects for our clients, and our attention to details is foundational to the successful completion of our projects. We act responsibly in our role as custodians of the future, by using resources carefully and to their best advantage for maximum value in the long term, and protecting the environment in all aspects of the work. Our tradition of dedication, professionalism and outstanding customer service is a testament to that mission as we strive each day for excellence in bringing our valued clients’ ideas to life.

Our Vision

Our vision at Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural and Engineering Consultants is to maintain and improve the company’s position not only as a leading architectural consultant and contractor, but also as a reliable building developer brand, and extending our business to the international markets.

Co-Founders and Board of Directors

Mohammad Nemati

Mohammad Nemati – Chairperson & CEO

Born in 1962, he is known as an effective and charismatic figure of Iran’s construction industry and his efforts to improve the standards of construction industry in Iran was recognized by the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Supervision in 2017. The company’s rapid growth is endowed much to his leadership.

He started his career as a graduate of civil engineering in 1985, and took various positions such as site manager, project manager, and general manager in well-known construction firms until he established Tarh Va Afarinesh in 1998. Since then he has been leading the company as chairperson, and meanwhile leads the construction team and the feasibility studies department directly.

Shiva Aghababaei

Shiva Aghababaei – Vice CEO & Architect

Born in 1972, she finished her studies in M.A. course of architecture in Iran Art University (Isfahan Campus). She started her career working in various positions including architectural designer and interior designer in construction firms while she was still a student. This was the beginning of a long way to become and award-winning architect and interior designer recognized among the UK Construction Role Models in 2019.

Her exclusive touch of colors and skillful combination of various aspect of life (traditions, art, industry, nature, etc.) design is the key factor that differentiates her works.

She has been a chartered member of the Royal British Architect Association, and a professional member of the Society of British Interior Designers (SBID) since 2019. 

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Shiva Aghababaei


As Consultant 

  • Grade I for Design of Residential, Commercial, Office, Industrial, and Military Buildings
  • Grade I for Interior Design
  • Grade II Consultant for Design of Educational, Sports, and Healthcare Buildings

As Contractor 

  • Grade I for building and construction
  • Grade II for MEP Installations
  • Grade V for Restoration of Historical Buildings
  • Grade V for Road Construction